How to buy

1. Contact us

The first step is contact us. Please use the "Request Form" to let us know the specifications of vehicle you are looking for. You will receive an estimated price list that contains latest auction results of same or similar specifications and down payment deposit amount. An estimated price list will help you consider how much you need to bid off your desired vehicle successfully.

2. Make a deposit

If you are interested in bidding on a target vehicle, please give us your confirmation by email. Please remit a deposit by T/T(Telegraphic Transfer) and send a copy of the T/T by Fax. The refundable deposit is fully used to purchase your vehicle. Please check "Terms and conditions" for our refund policy.

3. Make a decision

As soon as we confirm your deposit, we will provide more detailed information, such as the auction starting prices, the auction sheets, and the English translation of the auction sheets. If you decide to bid, please inform of the auction number you would like to bid on. If you don't find it a good deal, please let us know. We will move to an extensive search to find by the same or similar specifications and keep you updated for a successful purchase.

4. Auction

At an auction, we will bid on your target vehicle up to your maximum price. You will receive an auction result by email by the next day after the auction.

Bid Successful
We will email you a notice of successful bid and an invoice. You are required to remit the balance listed on the invoice by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) and send us a copy of the T/T within 48 hours after you receive a notice of successful bid.

Bid Unsuccessful
We will continue to search vehicles based on your requested specification in an updated auction database, and inform you of the search results.

5. Shipping

As soon as we confirm your total payment in full, we will arrange for a shipping. The necessary documents, such as B/L(Bill of Lading), Export Certificate, Commercial Invoice, etc, to pass the custom, will be forwarded by express mail service(DHL, EMS) after the arranged vessel leaves Japanese port and the documents are returned to us. Shipping process generally takes 3-5 weeks from the auction date. We will email you a thank you letter when we mail out the documents.

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