Terms and Conditions


  1. We accept payments only by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer).
  2. We accept payments only in Japanese Yen (JPY).
  3. You need to pay any fees, bank charges, etc, incurred in the payment transfer.
  4. Other payment methods, Letter of Credit(LC) or credit card, are currently NOT acceptable.
  5. If you cannot remit payment in Japanese YEN, please contact us.


  1. Deposit amount is JPY100,000 for a car value under JPY1,000,000, and JPY200,000 for a car value JPY1,000,000 or greater.
  2. The deposit amount we receive must be JPY100,000 or 200,000.
  3. Please fax the copy of the T/T(wire transfer) soon after you remit a deposit, so we can confirm your deposit and initiate your purchase process.

Deposit per vehicle
Bidding budget under JPY1,000,000
Bidding budget JPY 1,000,000 or more

Auction sheet

  1. Deposit allows you to gain access to confidential auction data, such as the auction starting prices, estimate prices, the auction sheets, and the English translation of the auction sheets. We will send you auction information by email.
  2. In a case of an unsuccessful bidding, we will keep you updated by providing you with auction sheets based on the specifications you request to us until a successful purchase.

Total Payment Balance

  1. You are required to remit the total balance and our agent fees by T/T (Telegraphic Transfer) within 48 hours after you receive a notification of a successful purchase.
    (We send a notification of a successful purchase by Email. The notification is deemed complete when we send you the notification of a successful purchase by Email).
  2. Please send us a copy of the T/T immediately after you remit the total balance, so we can start shipping procedures.
  3. Since we provide an estimated final auction price before an actual auction starts, it is assumed that funds are unconditionally available and ready to be wired immediately upon notification of a successful purchase.
  4. In case a bank holiday falls within the 48 hour period in your country, it will not count towards the 48 hour period. The total balance, however, must be made by wire transfer to our bank account on the day after the bank holiday.
  5. If a total payment balance has not been paid in full within 4 days, including the auction date, the deposit is not refundable.
  6. In the case 5, we have the right to sell or return the vehicle(s) to auction houses to cover our loss. There will be no claim acceptable if this is done without notice to you.

Our service fees (in JPY)

Agent fee

5% of successful bid price
Minimum 50,000

Auction House Fee


Domestic Transportation


Custom Clearance fee


Bidding fee per


When JAAI or other inspections are requested, the inspection fees will be added to the total balance separately. Please inform us prior to purchase if you require JAAI certificate or other inspections.

Refund Policy

  1. Customer is entitled to a refund of a paid deposit if we are unable to provide an auction sheet that the paid customer eventually uses to purchase a vehicle within a reasonable period of time.
  2. We charge 10,000 Japanese Yen for any refund as administrative and bank processing fees.
  3. Prior to a successful bid, your deposit is refundable. However, if we have already bid on behalf of you and the bid is not successful, a bidding cost will be deducted from the deposit as well as our charge mentioned above.
  4. If a bid is successful and a remaining balance has not been paid in full within 4 days, including the auction date, the deposit will not be refunded.
  5. In the case 4, we have the right to sell or return the vehicle(s) to auction houses to cover our loss. There will be no claim acceptable if this is done without notice to you..


  1. We make a shipping arrangement for your vehicle by the first available vessel, and will inform you of the shipping schedule when the schedule is fixed.
  2. We will send you documents, such as B/L(Bill of Lading), Export Certificate, Commercial Invoice, and others upon your request. We will send them by express mail service(DHL, EMS) after the booked vessel leaves Japanese port.
  3. FOB/CIF prices do not include customs fees, taxes or tariffs.
  4. When the vehicle(s) is loaded on a vessel, you, shipment consignee, agree to enter an agreement with the carrier company issuing the Bill of Lading. You, shipment consignee automatically agree to be bound by all terms & conditions written, typed, stamped and printed on the face and back of a Bill of Lading, issued by carrier.
  5. Depending on the destination, sometimes it may be difficult to book a shipment for the next available vessel. This is because of space availability for used cars and shipping schedules. New cars get priority for loading and ocean liners are quite a few depending on destinations.


  1. In case you require marine insurance, you need to inform us prior to payment.
  2. We inform you CIF price upon your request.
  3. Marine insurance is valid from the leave of Japanese port to the reach of the port of the destination, but it only covers the total loss of the vehicle.

Custom and Import Policies

  1. We are not liable for any disputes or fees and taxes you may incur, involving any failures to follow the import laws, regulations, or standards of your country.
  2. You may be subject to customs fees and/or import duties and taxes, which are levied once a shipment reaches your country/the destination port. You are solely responsible for customs clearance fees and any additional fees; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be.
  3. We will not be held liable for disputes, fees, taxes and issues arising out of non-compliance with import laws, rules and regulations.
  4. Customs regulations and vehicle registration vary greatly by country. It is your responsibility to contact Customs offices and relevant organizations of your country in order to fully investigate and understand the import laws of used vehicles, rules, regulations, requirements prior to purchase.

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Other terms

  1. When purchasing a vehicle directly from our stock, you need to pay full FOB/CIF amount to keep the vehicle and have us to begin shipping procedures.
  2. Vehicles in our stock are all purchasable by first-come first-serve, and as is basis.
  3. You, the customer, agree that all terms and conditions and any contract of sale with us, TRANS AQUA, shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan.
  4. You, the customer, agree that any legal actions or proceedings between the Company (TRANS AQUA) and you for any purpose concerning this terms and conditions and/or any contract of sale, shall be brought exclusively in a Japanese court of competent jurisdiction sitting in the Prefecture of Tokyo, Japan.
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